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To prepare the next generation of African-centered healers rooted in the knowledge and transmission of melanin science, so we can become whole, health, wise and self-sufficient as a people, restoring health and wellness among our families and communities. 


Take Courses On Your Favorite Device

No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a smart device or computer, you will be able to access our courses!


No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to get an online professional education with certification to get you started in your own wellness business.  You have the option of taking your courses on your smart phone, pad or computer at your convenience.

Courses taken at ASH, will allow you to continue to earn a living while learning a your business skills.  Marcus Garvey said it best "Up, up you mighty people."  

We are passionate about what we do, educating our people.   We established ASH to help you take control of your health and your financial success.  We  are dedicated to healing our communities, villages and ourselves through the knowledge of the ancient African healing arts.  

If you are tired of your job, and have a dream of owning your own business, this is the school for you.  ASH is based on the principles of "Teach a person to fish, so they can eat for a life time."  We want to teach you how to utilize your gifts as a healer, so you can heal yourself, villages and communities for a life time.


We offer affordable programs, working within your budget.  You can build a business without going into debt and it doesn't take thousands of dollars to do so.  Below is a list of steps to begin your education for liberation!

How It Works: Simple & Easy

Step 1
  • Choose Your Program

Step 2
  • Apply with Application

Step 3
  • Get Clarification

Step 4
  • Pay Your Tuition