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By Celeste Allegrea Adams

Awareness Magazine, January/February 2004

Many Knives, (Bvshpolawa), also known as Boe Glasschild, is a Choctaw Shaman whose father wasBlackfoot, African and Cherokee. His mother was Choctaw, and he is aligned with that tribe. His first initiation was with Kitua Nighthawk, of the CherokeeMedicine Society, then he became a Turtle Island dreamer and worked with the Deer Tribe. His true calling is as a Lightning Dancer, which is the medicine of the Plains Indians. Many Knives is the author of “The Shores Within,” a wonderfully insightful collection of personal experiences and teachings set forth by the author’ spirit guide, Laughing Dog Red Feather. 

Each teaching strikes a deep chord of truth, and includes guidance on realigning the dreams of our physical world, with the greater reality of dream-time, and a roadmap for leaving behind the bondage of consensus reality and the drama of human existence through creative response over automatic reaction. It is for those seeking a pathway to personal mastery through shamanism. Over the past few years, I’ve spoken to people in fields as varied as physics, archaeology, history, mythology, psychology and feminist studies, and most agree that we are moving from an age where masculine energies dominate towards a new cycle of feminine emergence and a balance between male and female energy. I was interested in a shamanic perspective on this subject as it relates to both the personal and planetary level, and met with Many Knives who explains that in this Aquarian Age, we are returning to a time when feminine energies are emerging because the planet is sick and in need of healing. Celeste: Why did male energy become dominant during the last cycle? Many Knives: Female power is nurturing and, as I’ve been instructed by spirit, it allowed the male energy to run dominant. It exposed generations and generations of people to the male mindset, the aggressive side of us, the sun that burns us.

Celeste: Can you describe the differences between feminine energy and masculine energy?  Many Knives: The feminine quality is receptive. It is a quality of bringing in. The male quality is aggressive and conquering. We have both Yin and Yang in our bodies, but there is also the other side. There are three sides to the coin: the head, the tail, and the edge, which is that overlooked potential. If you notice, the human body has three primal structures. We’re a microcosm of the planet. We have

the brain, the heart, and the marriage basket, which is our reproductive area.  In the male, the male energy lies in the head. The sun energy is his aggressiveness. That is why he thinks the way he does. In the female, the head holds the moon energy — that’s why she is receptive. In the heart space we have both energies in balance; to love, create harmony and balance. In the reproductive areas, the male has the moon energies; therefore his body  is like the moon pulling the oceans. When that energy is aroused he expands out.





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